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Shattered mountain melodies crumble into a stoney mess of detritus and dances through the fumes of a scorched earth.

Believe in Evil

by Spy In The Sky

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Autumnal Arcana

by Plake 64 & The Hexagrams

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There's no honor No evil
In the dark, lights reach us
Sagittarius scramble In the sea
Whisked And whisked away...


by kryzkniv

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Album Artwork for Hystermagesty's oh wow

oh wow

by Hystermajesty

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Album Artwork for Plake 64 & the Hexagrams' Comedy


by Plake 64 & the Hexagrams

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Album Artwork for Slendermen's Heroin Friends

Heroin Friends (+ Bonus)

by Slendermen

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Album Artwork for Tendrills' 10,191


by Tendrills

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Album Artwork for Sick Lion's Nick's House

Nick's House

by Sick Lion

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